An Assessment is a review of the health history of the patient by xRMD experts prior to their enrollment in an xRMD Program.

Consider ordering an Assessment in two types of patient encounters.


1.  A patient may have specific questions about how Nutritional Genius - or any other xRMD program - will benefit them.  If you feel they may benefit from specific advice, recommend starting with an Assessment and use the findings to determine next steps.


2.  You may encounter a patient who is very sick or complex.  In these cases, consider ordering an Assessment to help guide your decisions and recommendations.  While starting with Nutritional Genius is always appropriate, a sick person will invariably need a more involved program, such as GEMS, Migraine or Regenerate.  The Assessment will let them see the full recommendation so they can choose whether to begin with Nutritional Genius or the more advanced program. 


To order an Assessment, click on the Order a Patient Assessment button on the Provider Login screen.

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