"Advanced Wellness" is a term we use to simply describe a very complex topic, which is the effort to optimize one's physiology through personalized methods that will help that individual better fight diseases they already have, delay the onset of disease or perhaps even prevent disease using a multimodal approach


This multi-modal approach is how we achieve optimum physiology. 

It entails six objectives, which we use the acronym HOMING to describe.


H stands for hormonal decline, a fundamental cause of accelerated aging and other disease states. Hormones act at the genetic level so when hormones decline many genes that need to be turned on start to turn off which accelerates the aging process and the onset of disease.  If you are over the age of 40, your hormones have probably started to decline.  The sooner this is taken care of the better to avoid the many symptoms of aging.  


O stands for oxidative stress.  You can think of oxidative stress as a biochemical process where there are too many free radicals of oxygen in the body that can cause damage. It also has to do with it the bodies inability to rid itself of toxic substances such as heavy metals. Oxidative stress has a lot to do with macular degeneration.


M stands for methylation.  Methylation is a crucial part of your biochemistry!  There are over 40 different chemical reactions in the body that require methylation. Our studies are showing that over 50% of the population have genetic errors that cause methylation disturbances. People suffering from chronic diseases almost always have methylation pathway problems.


I stands for inflammation.  Inflammation is known to be a significant factor causing and worsening chronic disease. Our studies show that over 50% of the population have foods that are toxic to them. We are now able to test to determine what foods cause inflammation. 


N stands for nutrigenomics.  Thanks to the human genome project we now know how to connect genetic errors to food intolerances. This means we can look at your genetics and teach you what foods are going to worsen symptoms. This is very valuable for patients with migraine and inflammatory bowel issues.


G stands for Epigenetics or gene expression.  The big idea behind epigenetics has to do with keeping your healthy genes turned on, and bad genes turned off.  Hormones and methylation have a great deal to do with turning on your good genes and turning off your bad genes. When a gene is turned on it makes something in the body. This means that turning on your good genes will create a healthier newer version of you.

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