UPGRADE a Patient

Nutritional Genius - to - GEMS



From time-to-time, a patient may require more advanced services than their initial enrollment.   


xRMD may recommend that your patient upgrade from Nutritional Genius to a GEMS Workup, which adds two more tests:

  • A hormone and complete metabolic blood test

  • A methylation biochemistry test

xRMD provides the lab kit for the methylation biochemistry test, and the lab cost is included in upgrade fee.


xRMD provides the prescription for the hormone and metabolic panel, which is required, but not included in the upgrade fee.  The reason it is not is because this test is often covered fully or in part by health insurance.    xRMD does offer a low cost panel if the patient's insurance coverage is insufficient.  Please contact us for more information.



Upgrade is only available for current patients.


Upgrade Procedure

1.  Click here to Upgrade a Current Patient.   


You can find a quick link to upgrade on the  Provider Login screen, by clicking "Upgrade a Current Patient"



2.  Complete the form to identify patient and your practice.


3.  Submit payment using the online store.


4.  Instruct the patient on the following:

  • The GEMS Workup Upgrade will be shipped to the ordering doctor's office and should be available in 5-7 days.

  • The patient should contact their insurance company to 

4.  The results will be ready for doctor review within 5-7 weeks.

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