Talking to Your Patients about Advanced Wellness

Each of your patients are unique.  xRMD provides your patients a highly personalized experience.  But a common concern we hear from our providers is "how do I engage a patient?"


The key is to link the patient's health status and concerns with the HOMING principles that underlie "advanced wellness" at xRMD.


Make the conversation immediately personal to them so they have enough information to make a decision to act.


We offer you two important tools to achieve this.


The Advanced Wellness Patient Intake Form

Provide this form to your patients upon check-in and use it during the exam.   Maintain in their medical file after the exam.  Each time the patient comes to the office, your staff should offer the form, as it should be maintained current.


The form covers a number of chronic diseases and other medical conditions that can be addressed through xRMD's programs.




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