Use this procedure to order an Assessment by xRMD of a patient's health history before they purchase Nutritional Genius or other xRMD Program.


How it Works:After you place the order as outlined below,



1.  Click here to Order the Assessment.   


In the future, you can find this button on the Provider Login screen:



2.  Complete the form and click Submit.


3.  Instruct the patient on the following:

  • Check their email for a message from "xRMD Advanced Wellness." 

  • This email is important as it contains instructions on how to login to our HIPAA-compliant system to complete their health history.

  • The patient is to log in to the xRMD system and complete the health questionnaire. 

  • The questionnaire is about 200 questions.

  • Reserve sufficient time to answer the questions fully.  You can save the questionnaire and finish later.

  • The more details they provide the higher quality our response.

4.  The Assessment will be returned within 7-10 days.

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