Provide the Advanced Wellness Intake Form to each patient at check-in.  Make it part of the routine paperwork for every appointment.


How it Works:

The aim of advanced wellness is to optimize a person's physiology by addressing underlying abnormalities that have manifested in disease or may do so over time.


The Advanced Wellness Intake Form helps the doctor form personalized connections between the patient's conditions and the Objectives of Advanced Wellness (HOMING) (click to see a the post).


The Intake Form is found on the Provider Resource Center home page, or by clicking here.



  1. Print out sufficient copies of the form and add to the patient intake process.

  2. Provide the completed form to the doctor to be used in the exam room.

  3. Doctor writes instructions for next steps and provides to staff for action, such as:

    1. Order an Assessment

    2. Enroll in Nutritional Genius

    3. No action required

  4. File the completed form in the patient's record.


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