APPROVE a Program


Use this procedure to review and approve a patient's program that was developed by xRMD.  The provider needs to approve online prior to release to the patient


How it Works:

xRMD uses the data from the DNA Test, Food Sensitivity Test and Personal Health History to develop a Personalized Care Plan.

Prior to release to the patient, the ordering provider needs to review and approve xRMD's recommendations.


This procedure explains the steps to review and approve


Procedure to Find the Record

  1. Login to the xRMD System by clicking on Provider Login on any page of the site.   

  2. If you have any required actions, they will be listed in the "Ready for You" tab.

  3. Any programs requiring approval will be listed in a section entitled "Returned from xR"

  4. Click on the name


Procedure to Review & Approve

  1. The patient's record will open to the Encounter Summary that the doctor needs to review and approve.

  2. On this screen is the recommended nutritional supplementation plan.

  3. The doctor is able to review the chart history and test results by clicking links on the left navigation bar.

  4. If the doctor is satisfied, click "Approve - Send to Patient."  This will post the care plan on the patient's xRMD portal.  It is NOT emailed to the patient.

  5. The patient receives an email notice to login to their portal.

  6. If the doctor wants to change the program, click "Change Program" and follow instructions.

  7. Once approved, the doctor should order the supplements as described below


Final Step:  Order Nutritional Supplements 











  1. Click "Order Pack" to order the recommended supplements.



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